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Aiming to support poetry on a community, or grass roots, level.

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Grass roots poetry is welcoming.  Grass roots poetry is written by poets from all walks of life, self-educated, higher-educated, and everything in-between.  Grass roots poetry is individual, independent, and innovative—it creates new voices in poetry rather than trying to squeeze into prize-winning paradigms.  Grass roots poetry is the place where all poetry starts and is its own end. 


Green Fuse is a non-profit endeavor whose mission is to nourish poetry on the community or grass roots level by way of publications, readings, and workshops.  GF is funded by membership dues and income from the above activities; it is therefore an organization by and about grass roots poets, a society created by its constituency and dedicated to serving that community.  It is not attempting to feed or please the traditional and/or academic world of poetry—if it does—wonderful, but that is not its goal.  Its goal is a bottom up not a top down goal.  It aims to nourish the soil and be grateful for the rain.  Grass roots poets come from the soil and we want to encourage their growth without the restrictions of fashion or funding or fame. 

Since 2005 Green Fuse has nourished poetry in its native state of Colorado.  Beginning in 2011 GF will embrace grass roots poetry on a national/international level.  To that end we have initiated a new involvement level called “Friend” for only $15/year for those who do not live within our region and cannot participate personally in our workshops and readings.  We have also begun to offer our workshops online—also in an attempt to include and embrace a larger community of grass roots poets.  Join us!  Polish your work.  Publish your work.  Share your words.